The Gravel Shakers are a perfect example of something really special. A group of four friends, all veteran musicians, whose very different musical paths led to a common and quite unusual destination. Their combined energies and prowess in songwriting and arranging are actually creating a new genre some are calling Eclectic Americana. Drawing from sources such as Swamp Pop, Rock, Swing, Blues, Country, Rockabilly, and Psychedelia, the band's music is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of styles and ideas. The members histories are as colorful and varied as their sound. 

Rick Brown has divided his time between traveling bands and working for some of the biggest instrument and pro audio electronics companies in the world, as well as recording and producing himself and others in his studio, Gregory Groove Recording. Jack Falk is a legendary player of guitar and mandolin and an amazing songwriter. He is also a tireless promoter of new music and performers. Greg Groth has played in more swing ensembles than we can count, and comes from a family with strong musical backgrounds. Todd Perkins has spent decades working as a bassist in studios, and touring in the U.S., Canada, the U,K., Western Europe and Scandinavia with a variety of bands. Together they're scintillating and, well, a whole lot of fun. Seeing a Gravel Shakers show is like going to a party and meeting a group of strange, witty intelligentsia who get you laughing, buy you a drink and then sing you songs of humor, heartbreak, love and the fear of cannibals. Something very like that, anyway. But to get the whole picture you have to experience it yourself. Come see the band, or watch the videos, or get a listen to the new album. Join the party!